Our beliefs are strongly held:

  1. Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest drivers of good in this world.
  2. Entrepreneurs are the primary source of innovation, job and value creation for themselves, their stakeholders, their families and their communities.

Our beliefs shape our mission:

Our mission is to accelerate entrepreneurship globally by making connections, sharing entrepreneurial best practices and helping committed entrepreneurs get what they need to thrive.

Our beliefs inspire our activities:

The Startup Alliance Foundation (SAF) works around the globe to improve the entrepreneurial landscape and augment the skills, knowledge and abilities of entrepreneurs wherever they may be and whatever kind of business they run.

Our most important project is StartupAlliance.com, a knowledge sharing resource for entrepreneurs and those who support them. Members solve problems more quickly, take more confident action and interact with success oriented peers in a private and safe environment..

We also support Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs.) We work with public and private incubators, accelerators, bootcamps, co-working spaces, innovation hubs and economic development organizations small and large.

Though based in Silicon Valley, our focus is working outside typical startup hubs. We are spreading entrepreneurial best practices and giving committed entrepreneurs access to the knowledge, skills, connections and resources they need.

Our activities deliver cascading results:

  • Entrepreneurs become more effective so that…
    • They create better lives for themselves and their staff
    • Their communities grow and prosper
  • ESOs become more effective so that…
    • Entrepreneurs create more value and more jobs so that…
      • Economic conditions improve in communities around the world

Let’s work together and build a better world:

If your organization supports entrepreneurs or promotes entrepreneurship, contact us to explore ways we can help you amplify your impact.