Programs & Services

Our programs and services help amplify the impact of Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) around the world. We support the efforts of incubators, accelerators,  public and private innovation hubs and economic development organizations.

We succeed when they succeed.

current programs & services:
  • Policy Development — The SAF works with national, regional and local governments and NGOs to put the right conditions in place for their citizens to build successful and sustainable businesses.
  • Program Development — Encapsulating best practices drawn from the science of startup success, we help Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) define and implement effective educational and support programs in the communities they serve.
  • Educational Outreach — Drawing upon entrepreneurial excellence from Silicon Valley and beyond, we help experts share know-how with entrepreneurs of all kinds wherever the need exists. We also sponsor select entrepreneur gatherings and communities and local and regional entrepreneurship conferences.
  • Directed ESO Grants — Our Directed ESO grants support program enhancement and launch assistance to governmental and non-governmental ESOs whose work is in alignment with our mission.
  • — Global entrepreneurs community with tools and resources exposing entrepreneurs to broader perspectives, better connections and superior solutions to the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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