Programs & Services

We provide bespoke programs and services to amplify the impact of Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) around the world. We work with public and private incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, innovation hubs and economic development organizations small and large. Particularly those outside typical startup hubs.

Our Programs & Services:
  • ESO Program Development, implementation & Analysis — Encapsulating best practices drawn from the science of startup success, we help ESOs define and implement effective programs to be delivered to their cohorts and alumni. We are also available to review and refine current programs and assist in measuring outcomes.
  • ESO Staff & Mentor Training — When ESOs are getting started, expanding service offering or onboarding new staff and mentors, SAF can provide training to help ESO team members amass relevant skills and become more effective improving entrepreneurial outcomes in their community.
  • Entrepreneur Education — Working through ESOs, we are available to deliver online or onsite seminars and lectures to cohorts and alumni. Drawing upon entrepreneurial excellence from Silicon Valley and beyond, our trainings expose entrepreneurs to broader perspectives, best practices and superior solutions to the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship Support Technologies — The SAF provides ESOs with technology integration services for online learning, collaboration and community technologies. We also provide ESO cohorts, alumni and mentors with favorable access to our global entrepreneurs community for broader perspectives and better solutions to the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • ESO Grant Assistance Program — Working in partnership with leading foundations, we help governmental and non-governmental ESOs source funds to access necessary services to launch and enhance their programs.

Please contact us to inquire about our programs and services.