Startup Alliance Foundation Executive Summary

The SAF was conceived by John Knapp in Q418 when it did initial outreach to refine it’s service offering and determine staffing and operational requirements. It seeks to caunch in Q119.

Objective: Amplify the societal benefits of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship makes the world a better place which is why we work to amplify entrepreneurial success wherever it blooms.

Strategy: Making Entrepreneurship Support Organizations more effective

We provide programs, services and technology to help entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs.) become more effective and help more entrepreneurs launch and grow successful businesses. Entities we support include public and private incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and economic development organizations.

Geographic Focus

We focus our efforts on ESOs outside typical startup hubs to level the playing field for entrepreneurs everywhere. Initial focus is North America; subsequently, global.


The SAF will employ a remote staff of regional directors, program managers, business development personnel and executive director John Knapp. Contractors will help with admin, research, program work and educational programs. The SAF advisory board includes experts in the fields of non-profit management, tax, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.

Structure and Facility

Working initially in partnership with a fiscal sponsor, the SAF will organize as a California 501c3 non-profit without a physical office. As a virtual organization, there will be no significant infrastructure or G&A expenses.

Income and Expenses

SAF income comes from the delivery of programs and services to ESOs and is augmented by grants from mission aligned philanthropic organizations. Main SAF expenses are staff, contractors and services delivered onsite.

Amplifying the power of mission aligned philanthropic foundations

When working with non-profit and governmental ESOs, the SAF partners with mission aligned philanthropic foundations to provide grants to the ESOs for the purpose of acquiring programs, services and technology from the SAF.

The Startup Alliance ecosystem

ecosystem diagram

Note about the Startup Alliance Platform

The SAP is a separate, for profit entity. It’s an online community offered to entrepreneurs on a subscription basis. Prices are kept reasonable with support from the SAF in order to remain affordable to entrepreneurs everywhere.